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The wonderful cultures of Boise always ring with such shimmering wonder and glory. What a blessing. 

Do you have an experience that needs to be captured in a way that will convey presence and professionalism?

We can help.

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Bowermaster Productions is not 

a place where you come to get a

professional video or top notch

photo, we are looking for clients

that want more than that.


One's vision is just like the 

inner story. This story is worth

every nuance and every breath-

taking and life-giving detail 

because it has the potential to 

change the world, just like stories

have been doing since "the fire." If you have a vision that you are uncontrollably passionate about and you know it has to be real, we want to work with you.

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Professional Photography

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Beautiful Guitfiddle _#playthat #yesIwou
Beauty disguises itself well for those t
Off the Path__#lovenature #river #mounta
Sunset  close to Baker City, ID__#sunset

Ready to get started?

call: 208-497-5433


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