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Yeah, that's right, this is all for a "quick" 2-minute video.

We get approached all the time about how much passion there is in our process of creating great video when people see us working. Of course, we are always grateful that this is readily available for the world to witness transparently, but we also feel this way and are so driven because we know what we are actually providing as value.

We know the DIFFERENCE we're making.

The immense amount of value that goes into telling one's story is immeasurable. It takes time, patience, coordination, disagreement, healthy levels of friction, mysterious considerations, growth, and most of all, pioneership.


Q: What will my video cost? 
A: What are you willing to invest in the care and level at which you present yourself as an entity? (Yes, you'll find some of the best answers are questions to questions.)
If you need convincing that video is an investment and not necessarily just an expenditure, then you may not be ready for the investment or we need to meet and align our perspectives if possible.

Q: How will video help me?
A: Aside from all of the staggering statistics that involve increased searchability online/TV, longer website exposure, higher chances for deeper levels of emotional alignment with clients leading to authentic buying decisions and brand recall, we would say that video is potentially one of the most accurate recreations of life experience that we as a collective currently know of. Thus, making it very vibrant, relevant, and downright amazing for deliverability, education, altruistic causes, and very importantly, human connection. All of those aforementioned stats can be found in multiple places online with a standard search. Verify to your heart's content.

Q: Where do I start?
A: Fill out our "Get A Quote" page ( so that we can determine which direction we are going with your project. Also, for your own sake, remember that you are reaching out to us for a reason. Part of that reason is so that you don't have to stress over trying to achieve something you don't have the time or experience doing. That means, let us stress over how something can happen, what story to tell, what angles to use, what lighting, stress, stress, stress! If you want to be creatively involved that's great, then that means you have enough experience to not be stressed. :D The owner of this company is a psychology major and life coach, trust us, he knows when we're stressed, he just knows well.....its kinda weird.

Q: Why is there a non-refundable retainer that I have to pay for a video?
A: Great question! This is more of a commitment symbol or check on the board if you will. The retainer is used to symbolize and to also enact the commitment in our scheduling and operations to your business or endeavor. Your retainer asserts that you are asking Bowermaster Productions to commit to a previously agreed-upon schedule and production process. Secondly, the retainer is non-refundable because it will be used to fund any necessary pre-production. This may include location fees, actors, makeup, set design, props, specialty services and engineering, etc.) These costs may already be assessed and in process by the time a client changes their mind on a project. As you can see, this would be detrimental to any video production process and potentially leave room for people who JUST AREN’T READY. It’s okay to not be ready, we’re not ready for lots of things. This is why we ask right away.

Q: Do you provide the story or concept? 
A: The short answer is yes. The longer answer is yes, and it does sometimes come with a cost. The reason for this is because it takes time, strategy, research, competitor analyses, meetings, etc. Additionally, if you prefer to be involved with the concept writing process, that can sometimes result in more meetings and time consumption for the collaboration process to be effective. This is great, but of course, would come with more of an investment as well. Conversely, if the concept is meant to be fairly simple and doesn’t require an excess of resources, it may just be included with your main quote.

Q: How many edits or proofs do I get?
A: We always offer 3 proofs for every project as a standard for no additional charge. We believe that if the requested changes are significant enough after 3 proofs, we may be either miscommunicating or the concept is changing enough to warrant additional editing and/or post-production costs. If the miscommunication is a result of our efforts, we will provide additional proofs at no cost.

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