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Idaho's Biggest Little Video Production Company

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Featured Community Event

ALS Walk 2019 - ALS Association Evergreen Chapter It was such an honor to help with this cause and to see how astounding the work is when such wonderful people come together. We were blown away by all of the love and compasison and support found at this event and we look forward to being involved again. If you would like to help immediately you can visit: http://webwa.alsa.org/site/PageServer... Also, make sure to stay updated with your local events and support groups to get involved throughout the year.

Zero Hour - Short Film NOW RELEASED!


Starring Hyrum Yeakley and other great talent.

"Phillip, a man who plans on retiring his old life for a new.

Big boss has final mission set out for him.

Phillip discovers startling news that refrains him from an anticipated future."

This enlivening short film is sure to engulf the senses and drive one's aspirations to the stratosphere.

This story is an exquisite exemplification of just how much power and awe-striking

exhilaration can be packed into a small blip of a character's life.

Watch how Yeakley removes all doubt and shakes the core through his bonafide portrayal

of this seemingly real-world disaster.

Enjoy and please share, comment, like, and inspire.


If you would like to take advantage of Mr. Yeakley's eclectic talents on screen, you can visit his official page here: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm9452659/?...

Featured Short Film

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