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Idaho's Biggest Little Video Production Company

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Featured Community Event

ALS Walk 2019 - ALS Association Evergreen Chapter It was such an honor to help with this cause and to see how astounding the work is when such wonderful people come together. We were blown away by all of the love and compasison and support found at this event and we look forward to being involved again. If you would like to help immediately you can visit: http://webwa.alsa.org/site/PageServer... Also, make sure to stay updated with your local events and support groups to get involved throughout the year.

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"Missed Calls," 


Is a song I wrote mourning the passing of a dear friend Who passed away in a tragic car accident. Cesar was my first real friend, I knew that because he was always telling me how much better I could be doing If I straightened up. This was at a point in my life where I needed someone the most. My father bailed at age 10, the brothers I looked up to were getting locked up and also lost their way to the streets and my mother was too busy working and stressing out over finances and keeping the family together. Some of us don’t have friends in life or even someone to turn to, Cesar was a good man, a solid friend and had a heart of gold, his passion love for his family will always be passed down through the lives he touched. I am releasing this song in hopes it will raise awareness about how important it is to be there for your loved ones. One missed call could be the last chance you get andspeak to them... make it count!!! Cesar, this one is for you bro thank you for listening.


“Now I’m spillin a 40, do this shit for my brodie! Boy I’m really really really a OG I hit the stu tell the DJ record me like... Now I’m going OT, let the world know I’m missin my homie, talkin down then you don’t even know me, talkin down then you don’t even know me!” -OG


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Produced by The Kid Frankie @frankieev on Instagram Mix and Mastered by Jason Ringelstetter at The Tonic Room Boise, ID

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