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ALS Walk 2019 - ALS Association Evergreen Chapter

It was such an honor to help with this cause and to see how astounding the work is when such wonderful people come together. We were blown away by all of the love and compassion and support found at this event and we look forward to being involved again. If you would like to help immediately you can visit: Also, make sure to stay updated with your local events and support groups to get involved throughout the year.

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Public Service Announcement

Self-Love Public Service Announcement

This PSA has been produced to help raise awareness about the importance of practicing self-care and self-love. The story within this film was inspired through spiritual practice and decades of psychological research. This film will be shown around the community through several different mediums to have a direct impact on students, business owners, parents, young children, etc. Please like, comment, and share this video to help spread the message. If you know somebody that could be inspired, share this with them right away. This video could change their lives! Thank you and enjoy!

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Commercial: The Studio: An Elite Salon and Spa

Music by: Zen (2016) DENISBONFA

This is an amazing establishment located in downtown Boise in which magic happens every day. This is not your average hair salon and spa. This particular business houses the finest quality cosmetic and beauty products and it features an eclectic group of artists who strive to accentuate the taste and unique beauty of each person who visits.


Though we like to brag about great service, why don't you be the judge? You can visit them here:


702 W Idaho St Ste 105 Boise, Idaho 83702 (208) 577-6252



Insta @thestudiosalonboise

Facebook: @studiosalonboise

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